The Armchair Travelers (full-length)

A New York businessman on the brink of failure, travels home with his estranged brother to find out what his recently deceased mother's estate is worth, only to uncover a wild array of secrets instead.

-Semi-finalist for The Princess Grace Award  

-Short version workshopped at The Hangar Theatre in Ithaca, NY, and commissioned by The Source Theatre in Washington DC. 

The Blue Balloon (full-length)

In a world where you turn to whispers when you die, the famous, despised and dying Alexander Bloom realizes he must say something brilliant in order to appease the public and leave a lasting legacy. After several futile attempts to figure out the right words, he serendipitously meets a nervous young man called The Moth, who claims his favorite writer has invented a device that dilates time. Desperate, Alexander goes on the journey in hopes that he can buy a few more moments to figure everything out. Instead, he finds out what he’s been looking for has been inside him all along.

-Semi-finalist P73 Fellowship, Semi-finalist for O'Neill Conference

-Workshopped at NYTW via Columbia's Play Feast

The Delphinium Mansion (ten-minute)

Two men on the way to pay their final respects to a friend find out that the deceased had a few more surprises left up his dead sleeves. 

-Published, Heuer Publishing 2015

-Selection for the 2010 Samuel French OOB Festival

-Part of American Globe Theatre's Fifteen Minute Plays. Winner of Audience Choice, and Alan Minieri Memorial Playwriting Award

What Remains (ten-minute)

After their father's funeral, three siblings are forced to contend with exposed secrets.

-Produced by Source Theatre Festival, Washington DC in 2008

-Part of Deep Six, a charity event for Circle of Friends for the Dying, Kingston NY

Hutton's Paradox (one-act)

Based on Neil Gaiman's "We Can Get Them For You Wholesale," a young man hires an assassin to kill his cheating spouse, only to find himself getting a bargain he didn't ask for. 

-Schapiro Studio 2009

For a Moment in the Darkness, We Wait (one-act)

An uptight old man and a cocky teenage boy come to a notorious part of Central Park to find ways to feel less alone.

Theatre 3’s 21st annual One Act Play Festival, Port Jefferson 2019